Tour DiViNi
Wine, food and cultural trips in Italy

Gianna Ferlisi Amundsen

TOUR DiViNi is also in Germany 

Tanja Strack
promoter and editor of Travel. He studied in Turin and knows the language and Italian culture. Sincere passion of Piedmont and its traditions, and so convinced of Tour DiVini ambassador to Germany.

Gianna Ferlisi Amundsen
TOUR DiViNi is also in Norway

Gianna Ferlisi Amundsen

Tour operators and promoters. Gianna is Italian and she has-been living in Norway for over twenty years. She loves traveling and has an immense knowledge of Scandinavian countries. Last but not least, she is a very good friend of mine.

Alice Lin

TOUR DiViNi is also in Taiwan

Alice Lin   

Cultural agent and Italian language and civilization
teacher both in Milan and Taiwan.
Her mother tongue is Italian.

TOUR DiViNi is also in Japan

Akiko Katano

Qualified sommelier with a passion for oenogastronomy. Akiko holds workshops on wine tasting and wine matching, oenogastronomy, Italian cuisine and civilization
in Tokyo.