Tour DiViNi



In this tour you will be able to combine Piedmontese food and wine with your passion for photography.


Typical dishes of Roero and the hills of the most renowned Piedmontese wines will be the subjects of your photo reportage, under the expert supervision of professional photographers, managed by Rocco Furfaro, an art photographer (


Tours can last from two days, such as the “Photography weekend”, up to a week, depending on your expectations. They include accommodation in 4 star relais, dinner in typical restaurants and in the Savoy castles, tastings, nature itineraries and photographic sets.

Courses consist of two parts: theory and field practice. Every day you will alternate between explanations of photography techniques and photo reportages in which you will be playing the main role.

corsi di fotografia

Theory: you will learn the basics of photography, for example optimization of digital camera operation, focus, depth of field, shutting times, ISO sensitivity, diaphragm, white balance, flash, optical systems, wide-angle, teleobjective and zoom. You will also learn the main rules of photo editing in food images.


Practice: you will use photo reportage techniques to discovbacklight photographerer the colours and sceneries from the territory. You will have the opportunity to practise the techniques you have learnt while tasting typical products and wine.

The best pictures from each participant will be selected by the photographer and included in a photo album which will describe your trip and will be given to all guests.

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