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TOUR DiViNi. Tour operator for passion

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of Italy


I had a dream and I have realised it: Tour DiViNi.


I come from the lands of Roero, near Alba, in Piedmont.

My grandparents instilled the love for the countryside into me. They taught me to respect and appreciate its rhythms and seasons. They showed me how to cultivate the land. Farming is hard work, but very rewarding.


Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis and Roero: everyone should experience the unique emotions these hills can give. That is why I have created Tour DiViNi.

And, since Italy boasts a great many places, I have chosen to add the emotions of other lands and beautiful hills.


Exciting trips to exclusive spots for an extraordinary experience 


Taste wine in ciabots (small masonry buildings) and vineyards. These lands are cultivated with passion, tilled by hand and maintained with love. Meet the winery owner.

Savour fruit which is picked directly from the trees or eat freshly made, warm mozzarella cheese.

Take part in truffle picking. Even if you may not find it every single time (as you know, they are precious and hence rare), you will live a unique experience which will enrich you and, therefore, will always leave you with something.

Discover that Italian history starts from these lands. Visit the Savoy residences in the area of Roero. These castles are exactly like the ones you hear about in fairy tales. You may even encounter special people there (Christine Marie of France is still among us...).

Listen to the strings, playing live in a farmyard among the hills or rows of vines.

Sleep in amazing places. And, last but not least, savour delicious food and drink excellent wine.

I work with professionals who are passionate about what they do. They will share with you their knowledge and their love for the land, their experience in hospitality, photography, communications, education and tour operating. Without them, I simply could not work. I would like to thank them for their enthusiasm and professionalism, which they share with me and all the people who choose to travel with Tour DiViNi.

Cristina Sorice