Tour DiViNi

Wine, food and cultural trips in Italy


The following are people who particularly contribute to make Tour DiViNi trips exciting and whom I would like to thank with all my heart:

Rocco FurfaroRocco FurfaroPhotographer and artist
Official and exclusive photographer of Tour DiViNi


Marco Robino

Marco Robino - Archi Torti Strings Quintet

Maurizio Ponchione

Maurizio Ponchione – Ponchione Wineries

Michele e Marisa Cuniberto

Michele e Marisa Cuniberto
– Masters of flavours

Margherita e Maurizio Minasso

Margherita e Maurizio Minasso - Masters of hospitality

Pier Bussetti

Pier Bussetti – Chef

Stefano Paganini

Stefano Paganini – Chef

Gennaro Esposito
Gennaro Esposito – Chef


Silvia Imparato

Silvia Imparato – Winegrower in Montevetrano

vini dal produttore

Antica Pieve

Antica Pieve.